Want to have your business or family name on a plot?

By sponsoring the Langdon Community Garden, you are helping grow fresh food, for our local food bank. SE Rocky View food bank, fills approx. 250 hampers per year, and sadly, they do not have the capacity to put fresh food in those hampers. That’s where you come in! By sponsoring this initiative, you’re helping put fresh food on families tables who would otherwise struggle to do so. Last year, we supplied close to 400lbs of fresh produce to the food bank and we want it to double it in 2019.

Here are some of the testimonials from last years food bank hamper recipients.

“The produce was very good, it was really helpful to receive fresh food that we would not have otherwise had access to.”

“The produce was delicious! The kids got a chance to eat some vegetables! My son loved the green beans, because they tasted better than the ones from the store. We looked up recipes online as a family to use the produce in ways we would all enjoy and what would make it last. We wrapped celery up with kale, and sent it for school lunches. The kids ate it all and really enjoyed it. Mom really enjoyed the fresh garden carrots. It was a real treat.”

Your $600.00 contribution, will get your name on one of our wheelchair plots, for the next 3 years, and those funds will be used specifically toward initiatives to support needy families.

A $1200.00 contribution, will have your name situated at the children’s garden, designed specifically to get kids engaged and involved in growing initiatives. We have 6 plots designated for our schools, but it’s already not enough. Gardening provides different forms of engagement for children, including designing, planting, and maintaining gardens; harvesting, preparing, and sharing food; working cooperatively in groups; learning about science and nutrition; and creating art and stories inspired by gardens. We need your help, to expand the possibilities.