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The Langdon Community Garden Team is a group of community volunteers, dedicated to reducing barriers to healthy living for Langdon’s citizens, and creating an environment of enrichment, growth and a philanthropic spirit.


Our Board of Directors

  • President – Colette Curkan
  • Vice President – Rhonda Brook-Dys
  • Treasurer – Marnie Lee
  • Membership/Secretary – Marnie Lee
  • Director of Fundraising – Susan Slade
  • Director of Publicity and Promotions – Rhonda O’Blenes

16 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. While I love the idea of a community garden in the green space immediately to the north of our house, I hesitant to have a parking lot located directly in front of our fence line and our neighbour’s fence line. I would hope the parking lot could be considered to the middle of the green space along 4th street, keeping green space at each fence line.
    As well, would hope that all affected (adjoining properties) can have a voice before actual work begins…but summer vacation is not a good time.

    • Hi Derek,
      Thank you for your comments. The parking “space” could certainly be moved over a bit, although I want to assure you that it will not be directly against the fence line. I can see how it might appear that way on the site plan. We do although plan to keep it in line with the pre-existing driveway on green space for ease of delivery of soil, and materials.
      We made door hangers for the residents who live directly adjacent to the community garden space, as we want to engage those of you backing on to the space in the project as much as you are willing and able. We presented at the last town hall meeting, we have been communicating our desire for feedback and ideas through the Langdon Politics page as well as Langdon Good Luck Town page. We have acquired a blog and private email for those purposes as well. We are still in the planning phases, although we hope to start the construction process by late August and into September. If you would like to meet, to review the site plan or to further address any concerns/ideas you might have, I would gladly make myself available. My phone number is also listed under contacts if you need to reach me by phone.
      Hope you’re enjoying your summer and this finds you well
      Thanks again for your feedback.

      • I agree with Derek, I too will have the parking lot behind my fence line. A garden is a great idea but the parking lot I am not happy with. A door hanger is not enough information on asking for our inputs when its already been arranged. Will all of us on the pre-existing green space be able to put up solid fences? Will you plant trees etc to block the activity and give us some privacy from the parking lot?


      • Hi Kelly,
        Thanks for your feedback.
        The door hangers were put up within days of the team “formally” acquiring the green space to do a community garden and we were not able to do it any sooner. They were specifically created to generate your input, allow you the opportunity to have some influence and become involved in the project. Nothing is set in stone, and we are open to ideas. My personal phone number is in the contact information on the website, I would be more then happy to meet with a large group or individuals as needed. Just give me a call, I have already spoken with some of your neighbors.
        With regards to solid fences, I can ask my liaison with the MD that question for you.
        With regards to trees, we do have plans to put a row of trees along the parking space, along with a number of other beautification ideas.

        Hope you’re enjoying your summer.
        Look forward to hearing from you,
        Colette Curkan

      • I like the garden idea as well but the parking lot is what I’m not sure about. The existing driveway is a bus stop for the children in the neighbourhood so would they plan a different bus stop? I think it would be a good idea to have a specific meeting with all the neighbours that are effected to get info, I live across 4th street and I just heard about it on the Langdon days weekend. I know quite a few of the people that live directly on the green space are away for the summer so hope they have a chance to voice there opinion before it’s a done deal.

      • Hi Louise,
        Thank you for your suggestions.
        I don’t anticipate the parking space would influence the bus stop location very much given the garden will mostly be used in the summer months when kids are out of school and in the evenings. It is definitely something we’ll have to keep an eye on though.
        Given we’re a group of volunteers, and have no funding at this point, dollars spent advertising the project has come out of our pockets. We only formally acquired the green space in July and the word is just getting out now. I understand that people are away, for that reason I put my personal phone number on our website, so that people can reach me when they’re able. I’ll do what I can to coordinate an “open house” for a larger group, or perhaps even a few smaller group discussions over coffee. We were at the last town hall meeting and the project was very well received.
        Feel free to give me a call.
        Colette Curkan

    • Hi Ellis,
      Thank you for your interest.
      I will do what I can to coordinate a larger meeting for those directly adjacent to the green space. My concern is that it will be difficult to capture the majority of you, but we’ll do our best. In the meantime, if you would like to chat about the project, or arrange to see the site plan, feel free to give me a call.
      Colette Curkan

  2. Collette and group,
    I am concerned that the attitude being portrayed is one of “its a done deal”. As another one of the residents who backs onto this space, I have a number of concerns, including privacy, vandalism, noise, the effect that this will have on the dogs on the neighborhood (safety/noise etc). This sounds like an interesting idea, but without direct input from those that are directly affected, including property values, I suggest strongly that things be slowed down until we can talk with the residents directly affected

  3. I too back on to the green space. I would like to know where the parking will be? I can’t see the street locations from your pictures. Perhaps a meeting for all directly backing on to this space would be a great idea.

  4. Voicing your concerns are great and having them considered is an added bonus! Kudos to the group who seems to be so driven and ORGANIZED and ready to follow through on such an amazing project!

    Keep in mind that the plot of land is a RV MR (Rocky View Municiple Reserve) piece of land, that the County could do whatever it wants with it without any input from anyone. I think we are pretty lucky that it will be used for gardening! I fully support what the Langdon Community Garden group has proposed, regardless of where it would’ve gone!

  5. I’m all for continuing to make Langdon an even more beautiful community, however, I’m very concerned about the maintenance of the garden if and or when people decide that they can’t commit the time to it. I’d maybe like to see some trees or shrubbery planted along with some benches and even a playground for the kids, but they don’t need as constant maintenance as a garden would. This project definitely needs some more input from the residents who directly back onto it and across from it, as we will be the ones looking at it 24/7.

  6. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my ccomment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, jst wanted to say fantastic blog!

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