Grand Opening

The Langdon Community Garden Grand Opening was a huge success. We partnered with many community organizations, to celebrate some of the wonderful things happening in our community. It was a spectacular day. A special thanks to Rollie Ashdown, our counsellor, Leela Aheer, our MLA and Martin Shields our MP for being present on this very special day.

Ground Breaking

groundbreaking-ceremony-shovels-thumb128506071“What is a ground breaking?” A question one of our green teens asked their team lead the other day. We sort of laughed, and the response given was, “you literally, break the ground…..shovel in dirt, snap a picture, you’re done.” I started to think about it more. When we refer to “ground breaking ideas” though, we’re talking about innovation, pioneering, “breaking new ground”.  I’d like to think of this project as somewhat ground breaking. Not in the arrogant sense, as I’m well aware of the amazing work many communities have done in this area. I mean in the sense that this is ground breaking for our community. The momentum it creates will be ground breaking. The initiatives and ideas generated from this project to help others, and to support the community will be ground breaking. What we’re able to give back to our local foodbanks will be ground breaking.

So on that note, we are hosting a GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY on Saturday, October 3rd at 1:00pm in Langdon Park.

Our Langdon Girl Guides will be doing a tree planting ceremony. Our community youth group Synergy will be revealing their community art project.

We, the garden team will be revealing our conceptual design to the community.

We are very excited to share this ground breaking event with you.