Ready for 2019


Couldn’t resist.

We are so excited for a great 2019 planting season.

We have 20 plots, available for lease at $45.00 for the season.

That $45.00 gets you a 6×12 foot plot, filled with rich soil, access to water and tools as well as support from our community garden volunteers.

Get your kids involved. Plant an herb garden, a tea garden, heck, fill the whole thing with potatoes! If you’ve never gardened, their are few things more rewarding, then watching what you’ve planted, poke out of the soil, and blossom into this amazing plant.

You can download our rental agreement and waiver of liability below, and message us at to reserve your plot. They’re filling up fast!

Take a minute to check out our sponsorship opportunities as well!!

Thank you Langdon for your support.




Grand Opening

The Langdon Community Garden Grand Opening was a huge success. We partnered with many community organizations, to celebrate some of the wonderful things happening in our community. It was a spectacular day. A special thanks to Rollie Ashdown, our counsellor, Leela Aheer, our MLA and Martin Shields our MP for being present on this very special day.

Garden Heroes


If you haven’t been out to see what’s happening at the Langdon Community Garden site, you might want to go take a look, because it’s pretty darn awesome.

Let’s talk about our garden heroes for a minute.

Hero numero uno – Brayden Szakaly (403) 969-1160 from Wild West Land Services and his crew have been amazing. They’re like, “Meh, it’s for the community? We’re there!!” They have the expertise, they’re reliable, professional and have a community minded focus. They’d all look pretty great in a cape too. Just sayin’

Hero number two – James Lang from WoodnEarth Developments (403)990-5082. Another local gent, who got shwangled into helping us out, by his darling wife Jill Beaton. He has been our sounding board, voice of reason, an all around knowledgeable guy, and the fellow that ALWAYS shows up. And he would look fabulous in a leotard I might add.

Local Heroes, who jump in when they’re needed. They don’t ask for anything in return. They’re trustworthy, honest, reliable, people, who make the overwhelming, not so overwhelming.

Looking for reliable contractors, give them a call.

Lastly, is it just me, or does Batman look strange in this picture? lol


We have lift off!!!

Girl(3-5) with mud hands

We’re so excited, we’ve wet our plants!!

The Langdon Community Garden Society is thrilled to announce that FINALLY after three years of processes, procedures, policies, presenting, pleading, pleasing and persuading, WE’RE FINALLY GOING TO BE PLANTING!!!

In the coming weeks, our superheroes from Wild West Land Services, are going to be swooping into the park, to start skimming off soil to make our pathways, wheelchair accessible areas, children’s area, and teen area. Then, the garden team is going to come in and put down the edging, and then comes the aggregate. There will be some serious work happening.

Next is where the community comes in! On April 29th, 30th and May 1st, we need volunteers to come by and help in the park while we build the raised garden beds for the project.

You can visit to sign up for a 3 hour time slot or come the whole day if you like! It’ll be some very rewarding work, building garden plots for the food bank, for persons with disabilities, children, teens, and decreasing barriers to all around healthier living.

Thank you for your patience and time.

Ground Breaking

groundbreaking-ceremony-shovels-thumb128506071“What is a ground breaking?” A question one of our green teens asked their team lead the other day. We sort of laughed, and the response given was, “you literally, break the ground…..shovel in dirt, snap a picture, you’re done.” I started to think about it more. When we refer to “ground breaking ideas” though, we’re talking about innovation, pioneering, “breaking new ground”.  I’d like to think of this project as somewhat ground breaking. Not in the arrogant sense, as I’m well aware of the amazing work many communities have done in this area. I mean in the sense that this is ground breaking for our community. The momentum it creates will be ground breaking. The initiatives and ideas generated from this project to help others, and to support the community will be ground breaking. What we’re able to give back to our local foodbanks will be ground breaking.

So on that note, we are hosting a GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY on Saturday, October 3rd at 1:00pm in Langdon Park.

Our Langdon Girl Guides will be doing a tree planting ceremony. Our community youth group Synergy will be revealing their community art project.

We, the garden team will be revealing our conceptual design to the community.

We are very excited to share this ground breaking event with you.


tomatoe hands kids and seniors

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.”

  • Liberty Hyde Bailey

The Langdon Community Garden Society, has been working away patiently, to satisfy our ambitions for this community; to create a beautiful growing space, accessible to persons of all ages, stages and abilities.

We’re in the home stretch!! In the coming months, you will be hearing about our proposed new location, you will be seeing conceptual designs floating about, and hopefully, by this spring, we will be in a position to start building our food bank plots.

We thank everyone for their continued support and interest. Should you want to join the community garden group, feel free to contact our board at


Inspiring – Hope Blooms

A place for people of all ages, stages and abilities. Let's grow gardeners

A place for people of all ages, stages and abilities. Let’s grow gardeners

No need to say much. This video speaks for itself. Here is an example of how when we get kids sowing together, they’re growing together in more ways then we could imagine. Kids understanding the importance of social responsibility. It’s absolutely amazing.

Open House

We hosted an open house on Thursday, August 22nd at 730pm, in our designated green space. We were quite pleased with the turn out (approx. 25 people). There were a number of great ideas generated. Thank you to everyone for coming! A special thankyou to Rolly Ashdown, our Reeve and Councillor for attending and your show of support. Also a special thankyou to Greg Van Soest, (Rockyview County, Municipal Lands Specialist) for attending, your experience and expertise is invaluable. We were also very fortunate to have a representative from the Langdon Community Association. Our partners, comrades and friends.

If you weren’t able to attend, we plan on having a representative at the next town hall meeting coming soon!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what was discussed.

  • We introduced several members of our gardening team, how the project came to be and our communications thus far with our local and surrounding food banks.
  • We announced that given the degree of trepidation from the residents who live directly adjacent to the proposed garden site, we have postponed commencement of our build until the Spring of 2014, to allow them more time to consider the site plan, offer their input and suggestions and join the team.

We addressed various concerns expressed on the blog site such as:

1) concerns around erecting wood fences – it was suggested that home owners refer to their land titles, under “Architectural controls”, there will be a caveat pertaining to fencing. Someone suggested that this caveat might have expired after 7 years, and wood fencing may in fact be a possibility. Adjacent residents are concerned about how the activity in the garden will affect their privacy, dogs, etc.

2) Designated Parking space – requests were made to move the parking space across the front and easternmost part of the plot, so as not to have a congestion of vehicles to one side of the plot.

3) Crime – concerns were expressed as to whether the threat of crime has been considered. A number of community gardens within Calgary as well as Airdrie have been interviewed. Crime is not a significant issue for community gardens. Involving adjacent residents and community stakeholders will be our best defence against crime. CPTED principles (crime prevention through environmental design) have also been researched and a representative contacted in Strathmore.

4) Children’s area sandbox – concerns around the sandbox becoming the resident “litter box” were expressed. Suggestions such as including a lid for the sandbox or having a large checker board was recommended.

5) Reassurance was given that the community garden team will be responsible for maintenance of the plot and strict standards will be adhered to.

6) Greg (Rockyview County) spoke to a succession plan if at any time, the community garden does not succeed. Garden plots would then serve as great perennial and shrub beds and the property returned to the LCA and Rockyview County to maintain.

Sponsorship – A grant has been obtained from Communities ChooseWell through Alberta Parks and Recreation. Monies from this grant will go toward start up costs (i.e. advertisement, purchase of water tank, tools and building of the parking space). Sponsorship packages are being created for local and surrounding businesses. Sign Concepts (Langdon) has kindly donated their services, creating namesake signage for the food bank plots. An example of the signage was presented at the meeting.

Other suggestions – include a bike rack, explore the option of direct irrigation, fruit trees, 15ft buffer from adjacent residents property line to plot

The meeting was adjourned at approx. 9 pm.

We are very thankful to adjacent residents for attending the meeting and embracing this idea. We look forward to working with this thriving community to make this a space other communities will admire and envy.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please feel free to send us your questions and we will address them as soon as possible. Happy Harvesting everyone!!!!