Annual General Meeting

The Langdon Community Garden Society is hosting their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 23rd at 730pm

WHERE: Langdon Crossing Restaurant and Bar

WHO:     Open to the General Public

WHAT:  We will be doing a brief review of the societies finances and a board update.

  • Come out and learn more about leasing a plot this spring!

  • Volunteer opportunities doing something you love!

  • Helping grow food for the food bank!

  • Put your name in for a door prize!

Langdon Community Garden Society Annual General Meeting


Ready for 2017


Couldn’t resist.

We are so excited for a great 2017 planting season.

We have 20 plots, available for lease at $45.00 for the season.

That $45.00 gets you a 6×12 foot plot, filled with rich soil, access to water and tools as well as support from our community garden volunteers.

We also have 4 wheelchair accessible plots for lease. We want everyone to be able to garden and reap the tremendous benefits it has to offer.

Get your kids involved. Plant an herb garden, a tea garden, heck, fill the whole thing with potatoes! If you’ve never gardened, their are few things more rewarding, then watching what you’ve planted, poke out of the soil, and blossom into this amazing plant.

You can download our rental agreement and waiver of liability below, and message us at to reserve your plot. They’re filling up fast!

Take a minute to check out our sponsorship opportunities as well!!

Thank you Langdon for your support.




Food Bank Harvest

We had a late start, but you’d never know it!!!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, we were able to fill over 20 hampers for our SE Rocky View food bank with fresh food from the community garden. That’s approx. 200lbs of fresh food!

This would not have been possible without our Food bank plot sponsors.

Next year can only be bigger and better!!

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Grand Opening

The Langdon Community Garden Grand Opening was a huge success. We partnered with many community organizations, to celebrate some of the wonderful things happening in our community. It was a spectacular day. A special thanks to Rollie Ashdown, our counsellor, Leela Aheer, our MLA and Martin Shields our MP for being present on this very special day.

Garden Heroes


If you haven’t been out to see what’s happening at the Langdon Community Garden site, you might want to go take a look, because it’s pretty darn awesome.

Let’s talk about our garden heroes for a minute.

Hero numero uno – Brayden Szakaly (403) 969-1160 from Wild West Land Services and his crew have been amazing. They’re like, “Meh, it’s for the community? We’re there!!” They have the expertise, they’re reliable, professional and have a community minded focus. They’d all look pretty great in a cape too. Just sayin’

Hero number two – James Lang from WoodnEarth Developments (403)990-5082. Another local gent, who got shwangled into helping us out, by his darling wife Jill Beaton. He has been our sounding board, voice of reason, an all around knowledgeable guy, and the fellow that ALWAYS shows up. And he would look fabulous in a leotard I might add.

Local Heroes, who jump in when they’re needed. They don’t ask for anything in return. They’re trustworthy, honest, reliable, people, who make the overwhelming, not so overwhelming.

Looking for reliable contractors, give them a call.

Lastly, is it just me, or does Batman look strange in this picture? lol


We have lift off!!!

Girl(3-5) with mud hands

We’re so excited, we’ve wet our plants!!

The Langdon Community Garden Society is thrilled to announce that FINALLY after three years of processes, procedures, policies, presenting, pleading, pleasing and persuading, WE’RE FINALLY GOING TO BE PLANTING!!!

In the coming weeks, our superheroes from Wild West Land Services, are going to be swooping into the park, to start skimming off soil to make our pathways, wheelchair accessible areas, children’s area, and teen area. Then, the garden team is going to come in and put down the edging, and then comes the aggregate. There will be some serious work happening.

Next is where the community comes in! On April 29th, 30th and May 1st, we need volunteers to come by and help in the park while we build the raised garden beds for the project.

You can visit to sign up for a 3 hour time slot or come the whole day if you like! It’ll be some very rewarding work, building garden plots for the food bank, for persons with disabilities, children, teens, and decreasing barriers to all around healthier living.

Thank you for your patience and time.