MissionTo promote the coming together of Langdon’s citizens with a common purpose of nurturing, developing and sustaining a growing space in our community. The Langdon community garden will reflect the area it serves; engaging, educating, building and strengthening the community in a significant way.

VisionTo cultivate a community group invested in growing fresh produce for our marginalized citizens who access our local and surrounding food banks. We would hope to empower all of Langdon’s citizens to consider participating in healthier and more socially responsible community activities.

The Langdon Community Garden, will be a beautiful space, with winding pathways through perennial beds and fruit trees, raspberry bushes, pumpkin patches and vegetable gardens. We plan to make it a welcoming space for all, having wide walkways, to suit strollers or persons with mobility challenges. Deep plots are essential to make the plots accessible to those of all ages, stages and abilities.

The garden will have seating areas where you can  rest and admire your garden.  A children’s area to include a sand box and private children’s garden is planned as “creating a space for enrichment and learning” is one of the garden teams primary goals. We will involve Langdon’s teens in the project, by designating a space for them to learn about gardening, agriculture and local biodiversity, creating our own “Green Teen” subgroup.

Phase 1

Our first priority is to build our 6, (6’x24’x15″high) food bank plots. The foods grown in these plots are designated for the SE Rockyview Food Bank, Strathmore Food bank as well as the Chestermere Food Bank.

Phase 1, will also consist of 20, (6’x12′ x 15 – 22″high) plots available for lease by Langdon residents. The cost to lease a plot will be approx. $45.00 for the season. This includes a plot for one season, soil and compost, access to water, tools and mentorship from the Garden team as needed. A children’s garden, teen garden and wheelchair accessible plots are also available.


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