Ready for the 2022 growing season!


We are so excited for a great 2022 planting season.

We have 20 garden plots, available for lease at $45.00 for the season. We also have tasting gardens, children’s gardens and large gardening plots where our volunteers grow food for local area food banks.

That $45.00 gets you a 6×12 foot plot, filled with rich soil, access to water and tools as well as support from our community garden volunteers.

Get your kids involved, no better way to try new things when you have watched your veggies grow!¬† Plant an herb garden, a tea garden, heck, fill the whole thing with potatoes! If you’ve never gardened, their are few things more rewarding, then watching what you’ve planted, poke out of the soil, and blossom into this amazing plant.

You can download our rental agreement and waiver of liability below, and message us at to reserve your plot. They’re filling up fast!

Take a minute to check out our sponsorship opportunities as well!!

Thank you Langdon for your support.



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