Making it happen

Seeds for change

Planting seeds for change

Is this great or what? We had an idea, we presented the idea to the right people, and POOF, we’re creating a community garden! Thank you first to the LCA, for embracing this idea and being facilitators for the space. Thank you to Rockyview County, for your valuable resources, experience and expertice, we are so thrilled to partner with you! A big THANK YOU to Communities ChooseWell through Alberta Parks and Recreation. Without this grant to get us on our feet, we don’t know how we would get up and running.

So, enought of that! What YOU want to know is, “where are you in this process?”

We have a group of approximately 10 dedicated volunteers, ready to start working their magic, engendering support and sponsorship for this project in our community. We’re getting the word out, talking to the community, attending town hall meetings, handing out brochures (check it out under publications), talking to businesses and making a site plan so that anyone and everyone knows how they can be involved, what the community garden would mean for its citizens and the people it will serve.

We’re pricing out the project, cost of plots, children’s area and garden, teen gardens, mulch, soil, water, power, parking….the whole enchillada.

So when you see our pretty pamphlets, grab one, read up on the project, and come and join the team!!

3 thoughts on “Making it happen

  1. This is amazing and you are all wonderful, selfless people. Just keep pushing forward and the sun will shine on your garden eventually 🙂

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